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Xiaomi Mi A2 users report massive battery drain

Xiaomi Mi A2 was unleashed into the markets just a few months back. The device is the successor of Mi A1 which was released last year. Both models fall under Google’s Android One programme and that has made them quite attractive to Mi fans outside China. That is because not only are the devices running pure Android OS, they offer consistent user experience. However, things haven’t gone so well for some Xiaomi Mi A2 customers though as there seems to be a random bug that causes massive battery drain.

Some people are experiencing an issue that is causing some massive battery drain. The battery drain is caused by all CPU cores being pegged at max speeds, but the exact cause of this issue is unknown at this time. The current consensus is that the battery drain issue is caused by some bug that has to do with the fingerprint sensor. However, there are some within the community who have removed all fingerprints they’ve added to the device and the battery drain issue continues to persist.

Users have been able to temporarily fix the CPU cores being maxed out by rebooting the Mi A2 every hour or two, but then it continues to persist. Some have suggested the issue is caused by a bug that lies within Google Play Services and suggests to delete its app data. However, tests have shown at least one person has done this and it did not fix the issue for them.

Even unlocking the bootloader and setting the phone up again does not fix the issue reported by Mi A2 users. However, not everyone is experiencing this issue, so this could be a temporary problem and users will have to wait before the company acknowledges the issue and offers an official fix.

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