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Will you please stop with all this Nonsense Against Pakistan!

By: Adnan Faisal |

A couple of days back, I was out roaming in Dubai mall, where I saw a huge poster of the movie, ‘Sarabjit”, based on the biography of Sarabjit Singh. After reading its review, it was clear that the movie was plotted against Pakistan and its Law enforcing agencies. Being an investigating journalist, and a publisher of highly circulated newspapers of Pakistan, the review triggered my impatience and provoked me into watching the movie, as I knew the actual story behind this movie. While watching the movie I realized that this biography was a story line-up that was completely based on a pillar of lies. The story writer, “Indian-Government” and the paid director of the movie, “Omung Kumar,” showed utter desperation into brainwashing the audience worldwide, thinking of Pakistan as the world’s most vicious country, with its Law holding negative grounds particularly for India and its innocent people.

The cast, acting, production and direction of the movie mold the audience so emotionally that it had them lost in the story, having no problem in letting the audience believe that the false story they projected is true. Whether they are Indians, Bangladeshis, Saudis, or even Pakistanis, all seem to believe the story of the poor innocent drunk farmer, who crossed the border unconsciously as he lived near the border line. Those who went to watch the movie empty minded, with regards to the facts and figures of the whole incident of Sarabjit Singh, came out with tears in their eyes, believing that the story directed was true and factual.

New Delhi: New Delhi: Actors Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda and director Omnung Kumar during a press conference to promote their film "Sarbjit" in New Delhi, on May 20, 2016. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

The so called poor innocent farmer Sarabjit Singh was actually “Ranjit Singh Mattu” a senior agent of RAW (the Indian Intelligence Agency), involved in the terrorist bomb blasts in Lahore and Faisalabad which lead to the death of numerous innocent Pakistanis. According to their own leading Indian newspaper, ‘Hindustan Times,’ Sarabjit Singh was sent to Pakistan for an operation managed by a senior official at RAW, who was caught by Pakistan’s law enforcing agencies while trying to flee back to India.

It’s not always easy to accept the facts but moving further and manipulating millions of minds with the wrong facts and figures is just not acceptable! Moreover, the language used for Pakistan and its law enforcers were so immoral and indecent that one could not hear it with ease. The attempt made to target the image of Pakistan, its government and law enforcing agencies in this movie is very disappointing and we stand to condemn it.

I just want to ask the Indian civic authorities & law enforcing agencies, the reason why they are trying to spread so much hatred against Pakistan and its people? Why are they brainwashing the minds of innocent Indian people and the people worldwide? Dear film director – Omung Kumar, No matter how well you lie, it shall never be the truth! The innocent Pakistanis that lost their lives in the bomb blasts planted by “Sarabjit Singh” and other master minds will await their justice till the Day of Judgment.

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