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Why you should not check your emails on holidays

Do you check email on vacation? If you do, you’re not alone. Surveys report that more than half of employees check email while they are on vacation. The bigger question is whether you should take the time to check your email while you’re on vacation or otherwise not working. If you do, a vacation can turn into a “workcation” when you get bogged down in email messages that need a response.

Five Reasons to Avoid Checking Emails on Holiday

1. Reduced Productivity

Quality over quantity. Constantly feeling like you need to be productive can have a negative impact. By taking a step back from work and taking the time to refresh, you’ll gain a different perspective and find that winding down is more beneficial than constantly being in a work mind set. This is a great way to avoid burnout.

2. Increased stress

A report on the pros and cons of using email by the Future Work Centre showed that a constant stream of updates is toxic and can lead to high levels of stress as well as interference between work and home.

3. Resentment

There’s a difference between work being a passion or a burden. Having it constantly intrude on your down time will eventually lead to resentment, maybe not at first but possibly in the long term.

4. Clients understand

Bosses, employees, clients – we’re all human and we all need time for ourselves. Communicate with clients and let them know you’ll be away, and you’ll be surprised at their understanding, especially if you’ve planned and have delegated important tasks.

5. Work life balance is vital

Taking the time to enjoy your life is not something you should take for granted. When you’re on holiday, spending time with loved ones or having new experiences, you owe it to yourself to be present and ‘live in the now’.

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