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Sacked Warid employees protest on mass job suspension

Sacked Warid employees protest on mass job suspension

Mobilink and Warid are merging together into a single brand-JAZZ. The telecommunication merger has led to the formation of a single network. The merger is currently underway and the detailed infusion is yet to be witnessed. However, due to this transition many employees are being terminated or laid off.

As Jazz is the one to overtake the telecommunication merger, the company is the one to take major decisions. Therefore, the employees being terminated belong to the Warid network. And in the quest to shed off workforce, Jazz is massively laying off Warid employees.

Owing to the termination in mass numbers, Warid employees have taken their aggression to the streets of Karachi, resorting to protests against the company. The protests are currently underway on the main areas of Karachi including Shahrah-e-Faisal.

“The management of Jazz-Warid closed more than 200 [Warid] franchises. Some 60 to 70 people were associated with each franchise. So a large number of people lost their jobs,” Farid Munir, owner of a franchise, revealed.

The merger may have been a wise decision by both the companies, due to the provision of bigger and better services along with a profitable revenue. However, the loss of jobs can become a catastrophe for many employees and their families.

In response to the situation, the Jazz-Warid management has stated:

“The consolidation process has resulted in the closure of around a third of the total franchises from both Jazz and Warid. A support programme has been developed for those no longer part of the Jazz franchise network.”

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