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Toyota recalls 1 million Prius, C-HR vehicles due to fire risk

Toyota is recalling more than a million Prius and C-HR crossovers worldwide because of engine wires that pose a potential fire risk. More than a million Prius and C-HR hybrid vehicles have a wiring flaw which is causing the surrounding internals to burst into flames. The issue is related to the wires connecting to the power control unit, which has a weak insulation that is prone to wearing down over time, causing a short-circuit.

The recall involves roughly 192,000 vehicles in the U.S., the automaker said y in a statement. About half, or 554,000, of 1.03 million affected vehicles are in Japan, where there was one reported case of a wire short-circuiting and producing smoke. No injuries were reported, however.

A U.S.-based spokesperson revealed the incident was reported in February of 2018, but was not able to comment on specific details.

The potential fire hazard stems from a wire harness that connects to the vehicle’s hybrid power control unit. Dust accumulation might erode insulation on the wires as the vehicle vibrates, potentially causing an electrical short circuit that could produce heat and fire, Toyota said.

The recall involves vehicles made in Japan between June 2015 and May of this year, and includes the plug-in version of the Prius and the C-HR compact crossover SUV.

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