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This dog shelter campaign on stray dogs is amazing!

A group of Singapore-based dog shelters has come together to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the bias faced by dogs from shelters, especially those with added special requirements, such as disability or old age.

The campaign, created by CAS (Causes for Animals Singapore), ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs), SAM (Society for Animal Matters), Chained Dog Awareness and Mutts Rescue, together with Edelman, features nine Singapore residents and several local dogs, The Drum reported.

Titled ‘The Perfect Voiceovers’, the campaign shares the tremendous challenges the dogs have overcome and the bias that they are constantly faced with. It was launched on the same day as Edelman’s Global Day of Understanding, one of the firm’s initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion.

According to The Drum, the short film at the center of the campaign features Lionel Tan, Theresa Goh, Jean Tan, Charlene Koh, Sandra Aulia​, Pamela Ng, Fiona Ke, Devika Panicker, and Kalai Vanen, sharing not just their personal challenges but also those of the animals from the five animal welfare groups, acting as “voiceovers” for these shelter dogs.

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