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The All-new Honda City 6th generation

Car enthusiasts were delighted when they first heard that Honda Atlas is launching the all-new Honda City in Pakistan. Honda City has been one of the favourite sedans since its launch in 1997. Fans have always looked up for upgrades and additional features that are brought by Honda Atlas in this model. The current model of Honda City 5th gen is still a success in Pakistan. Car lovers have praised it since its launch.

What really created the hype was that Honda Atlas is going to replace the 5th gen with the latest 7th gen. This rumour has been flowing in the market for 4 years or more, However, the year 2021 was the one where Honda Altas decided to launch 6th gen Honda City. With a little teaser of headlights on the Honda Atlas Social media platform, fans knew that it is 6th gen City. there were a variety of opinions by the fans since after waiting for many years, 6th Gen was launched. fans were disappointed as they were expecting the launch of the latest global launch which is the 7th gen City. However, not everyone is disappointed, Since Honda city has never failed to disappoint its users. The 6th gen City on paper is not at all disappointing.

The locally manufactured Honda City has tons of new features and that includes newly designed electric steering wheels with additional features like paddle shifters and stereo control. Headlights and taillights have been redefined while maintaining the classic City vibe.

Trims and variant available in Pakistan

  • City 1.2L Manual
  • City 1.2L CVT      
  • City 1.5L CVT
  • City Aspire 1.5 L MT
  • City Aspire 1.5L CVT

The new Honda City comes with 2 engine choices that are created to ensure maximum performance and efficient driving. The electric power steering is light in weight, and the driver can control the car confidently without any extra effort. the handling of the car is smooth and relaxed, you will be able to curve your way around the city without heavy exertion. moving on towards the Transmission, the 6th gen city offers two types of transmissions to you a five-speed manual transmission or continuously Varying Transmission. The continuously varying transmission Honda City provides is one of the finest among other sedans, but it is not the sportiest transmission. When comparing manual and CVT, the continuously varying transmission is more smooth and preferred. To maximize vehicle stability features like ABS and loss of traction, additionally, the 6th gen Honda City hill assist as well. You will be given parking sensors for your convenience so you can park your cars safely, and the rearview camera adds assistance to your parking. You can also utilize the facility of cruise control, so you can drive safely on the roads by measuring a safe distance from the upcoming vehicles. what is really surprising is that the Honda global claims to give an improved efficiency in fuel. The mileage of an estimated 12 kilometres per hour to 14 kilometres per litre in the City and around 20 kilometres per litre on the highways. It offers a maximum speed of 170 kilometres per hour to 180 kilometres per hour.

Interior Design

One of the features to be seen while moving inside the 6th generation Honda City will be the increased passenger room. It will offer a spacious room in both front and rear compartments and accommodate five adults. It will have leather upholstery in higher trims. The steering will have a new design, and it will have a tilting adjustment while the dashboard will also be restyled. It will have a bigger screen mounted on the dashboard that serves as an all-new Display Audio infotainment system. The infotainment system comes with smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port.


The price of the new Honda City may start from 2.5 million PKR, while the high-end model may be priced at 3.1 million PKR. There is no official information on the exact price or date for the launch of the new Honda City in Pakistan. Earlier, it was reported that Honda Atlas was requesting a copy of the CNIC and purchase order for the reservation of the new Honda City, as well as some basic decorations in the amount of 1 million PKR. Nevertheless, the news is not true, and we cannot confirm the details until Honda Atlas makes a statement on this.

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