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Thank you Careem!

Last night when I was at a family gathering, my sister along with her in laws arrived in Careem to the event. After a little while I saw that my sister and her in laws were at a corner looking worried which caught my curiosity and I went to inquire what the situation had been. Upon asking I came to know that they had forgotten gifts worth 70 thousand rupees in the Careem they had arrived in. They had been trying to reach out to the driver but he was out of reach.

Luckily I had a colleague who was in contact with the CEO of Careem, Mr. Junaid Iqbal, who replied immediately to just one text and that too on a flight back to Karachi from Islamabad. Within no time we received a call from the driver himself and with non-stop interaction with continuous updates from Junaid himself, we finally received the items in just a few hours.

I have shared this story just to thank Mr. Junaid Iqbal and Careem for being a loyal and honest service, confirming the fact that your property is secure when travelling in CAREEM.

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