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Telegram gains 70M new users in just one day

Amid Facebook’s six-hour outage across its services this week, messaging app Telegram gained over 70 million new users. According to CEO Pavel Durov, Telegram experienced a record increase in user registration and activity amid the massive Facebook outage.

“The daily growth rate of Telegram exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude, and we welcomed over 70 million refugees from other platforms in one day,” Durov said in a statement.

“I am proud of how our team handled the unprecedented growth because Telegram continued to work flawlessly for the vast majority of our users,” Durov added.

Telegram, which recently topped 1 billion downloads, had 500 million monthly active users as of early this year.

Signal, which competes with both Telegram and WhatsApp, also added new users. It said in a tweet that “millions of new users” had joined the app.

With Telegram and Signal seeing a massive influx of users during the period, its services were also slightly affected, though not to the extent that Facebook suffered from. Telegram users within the Americas experienced slower speeds than usual while some Signal users weren’t able to see all of their contacts.

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