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2019 has been a horrifiying year where everyone panicked due to the spread of a new and deadly virus known as “CORONA”, whose variations are still taking birth in forms of Delta, Alpha, Gamma & Beta.The breakout had led to the realization of how important a “STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM” & taking complete care of a our healths is.Throughout the pandemic, Hemani Herbal made continuous efforts in developing and launching a series of ‘Herbal & Natural Solutions’ to help people fight against these deadly viruses, recover quickly or prevent from catching any. After introducing a range of germ defence & immunity strengthening products, Hemani Herbal came up with a ONE PLACE HAS IT ALL strategy and for the first time in the country launched a COMPLETE CARE KIT named as  ‘Safe & Protective Kit’ with all the helpful product which can possibly help in both prevention and recovery from viral sickensses. The kit has got everything which you would need while suffering from a COVID or any other respiratory viral illness, it contains;

✓ Nasal drop

✓ Gargle oil

✓ Steam inhalation oil

✓ Herbal Relief Tea

✓ Antibacterial Sanitizer 

✓ A special protective face mask!

Now let’s get into the detail and end your curiosity of what each product is made of and what it does?

1. The first product is Immunazal, a nasal drop made from a blend of 100% natural essential oils of (Cajuput) & (Olive). 

Cajuput helps to reduce inflammation and thins out the mucus while fighting viruses and bacteria in the airways whereas Olivehelps in decongesting the nasal passages and prevent dryness, discomfort, irritation and infection. You just have to add a drop of Immunazal into each nostril, and inhale slowly, twice a day to get rid of any breathing diffuclty caused due to blocked & inflamed nasal passages!

2. Another product inside the kit is, Immungargle, it is a Gargle Oil made with 100%natural essential oils of Clove, Ginger & Wintergreen

Clove is an effective anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, itching and soreness in the throat & on the other hand Ginger has antiviral properties which inhibits bacterial growth and stops the virus from entering into the cells. Lastly Wintergreen is effective in killing bacteria and viruses with its soothing and wonderful relieving properties. To use it just add 2 – 3 drops of Immungargle in warm water, and gargle for 10-15 seconds twice a day to get relief from a bad throat due to viral infections.

3. The third product inside this amazing kit is ImmunOil which is an oil for Steam inhalation. It is also made with 100% natural oils of Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Mint

Eucalyptus contains a compound called cineole which is an effective treatment to drain mucus, relieving headaches, stuffy and runny nose. Tea tree fights the bacteria and virus, reducing inflammation and swelling. Mint contains menthol that affects the mucus receptors in the nose helping to decongest and drain the thick and stubborn mucus. Add a few drops in hot water and inhale the steam to open blocked nasal passages and relieve the flu.

4. Another and the most amazing and star product inside the Safe & Protectice Kit is the Immunitea Herbal 

Relief Tea which is specially developed with a blend of powerful & healing herbs to help strengthen immune system, control and prevent sicknesses caused due to viruses & bacteria. Immunitea contains significant herbs like Artimesia, ginger & licorice

Artimesia is a strong herb to ease the illnesses related to respiration, Ginger provides strength & support immunity and lastly licorice contains antiviral properties. The formula of Immunitea has a combination of many other natural and healing herbs along with the above mentioned, which helps in;

✔️ strengthening immunity
✔️ controlling viral infections
✔️ fighting respiratory difficulties

✔️ Balancing appetite 

✔️ Eleviating stress & depression

It is a 7 day course to prevent as well as to recover and heal from the already occuring symptoms of COVID or any other deadly virual disease. Immunitea has helped many and is still helping thousands out there which believe in its magical effectiveness.

5. Hemani’s Safe & protective kit also has an Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 

It is enriched with hand-softening natural Aloe Vera to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria while keeping the hands moisturized and smelling fresh with a natural and long lasting fragrance.

6. To complete the kit, Hemani has also added a special protective face mask

The mask will keep you and others around you safe from catching the virus. And all these products are packed in a pouch which helps you in carrying thie SAFETY GEAR with you, wherever you go!

So get Hemani Herbal’s Safe & Protective kit to have a set of products which provide complete care against the deadly viruses out there because;

Together, we build a safe world!


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