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Romania to appoint first ever Muslim Prime Minister

Romania to appoint first ever Muslim Prime Minister

For the first time in the history of Romania, a Muslim and a Woman is set to be appointed as the first Prime Minister – Ms. Sevil Shhaideh, a little-known member of the Tartar minority.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) led by 45 per cent of the vote on election day (11 December), hence the double of any other party’s share.

As it is now assembling a new government, Mr. Dragnea, who as party chief would have normally been appointed as the next Prime Minister, was found guilty of electoral fraud and was given two years suspended notice in April.

Though Mr. Dragnea, 54, has not been banned from politics and still remains highly popular among his party’s members; President Klaus Iohannis, who was elected on an anti-corruption platform barred all candidates with a criminal record from becoming PM.

So the party chose Ms. Shhaideh, a minor minister for just six months in a previous government. The 52-year-old briefly overlooked the regional development department and has long been an ally of Mr. Dragnea.

Nonetheless, the move is surely a historic one; where only 0.3% of Romanians are Muslims. Further, it is to be stated that Ms. Shhaideh is not only a member of the tiny Sunni population in Romania, but is also married to a Syrian, and they have confirmed of owning properties in the war-torn country.

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