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As the name suggests, WB by Hemani’s rice bran oil-infused RICE IN YOUTH skincare range will turn your skin back to the youthful days. With its youth-promoting design, it announces the arrival of younger-looking you with a wash of bright colors that sing in harmony. 

This range is special, yet not limited to the ones with aging and maturing skin. It perfectly suits all skin types and has bonus points for being sensitive-friendly. 

Brightening and renewing skin can be a hassle with treatments through laser machines and needles. WB by Hemani’s Rice in Youth will help you achieve beauty in 3 simple steps. Anti-Aging rice bran oil has innumerable skin benefits and is antioxidant-rich. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the look of dark spots, and also evens out skin tone. 

In step 1, you wash your face to remove impurities and the day’s dirt for bright and cleansed skin. The foaming face wash gets its moisturizing properties from the herbal extracts and the infusion of Chamomile extract which helps soothe any sensitivity. Want to achieve a hydrating dewiness? Try this hydrating face serum with Rice Bran Oil and skin-balancing natural extracts that help turn dull-looking skin with rough texture into youthful, bright, and smooth skin. Now that your skin will be ready with all the brightening and soothing goodness, why not lock everything in? Gently massage the moisturizing face cream as the last step to seal it with nourishing softness. It is enriched with Vitamin E for protection, Licorice extract to brighten, and soothing Chamomile to comfort the skin. 

This ultimate youthful skincare range provides all-around beauty to those who want to treasure and embrace it. 

Shop this range as a ticket to your bright, younger-looking skin here:

Use discount code FHM15 at checkout to treat yourself.

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