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The Razer phone has a display from the future

The Razer Phone is not a good smartphone. Well it’s not a good hone in the price tag it has. On paper, it competes with other Android phones it has a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM, a dual camera system, a high-resolution display, super loud stereo speakers, and so on.Image result for the razer phoneBut in practice, it’s a big, clumsy phone with a terrible camera and only average battery life, despite its enormous battery capacity. On top of that, it lacks both water resistance and a headphone jack; the former a table stakes feature for phones at this price point, the latter a puzzling omission given the sheer size of the Razer Phone. So why should you care? For one reason, the Razer Phone is the first smartphone with a super high refresh display. It has basically the same display technology found in Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 that enables incredibly smooth interactions and scrolling. It is a glimpse at a future when all smartphones have this kind of screen refresh technology.Image result for the razer phoneHigh screen refresh rates are most commonly desired by gamers on desktop PCs, as they afford smoother game-play and shorter reaction times for fast-action games. On a mobile device, a high refresh rate makes your interactions silky, so scrolling through your inbox or Twitter feed doesn’t look stuttery or jumpy. The result is an interface that tracks your finger’s touch closer than ever and never stutters or skips. It’s hard to convey how much different it feels compared to a standard smartphone’s interface without just demonstrating it in person, but it feels much closer to direct manipulation of elements on the screen than any other phone. The difference between a high refresh screen and a standard one is as noticeable as the jump from the iPhone 3GS’ screen to the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

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