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By: Yeshal Burney

Everyone goes through with office politics it’s not something to be anxious of, it’s just the diversity of interests among different people working together. Every employee has different opinions and mindset that may contradict to one’s thinking. You can easily master the art of winning in office politics. Here are some pointers to help you win at the place of work:

Its either Fight or Flight. It’s a very common human response for survival, but it acquires a bit extra than just intuitive reactions to win in office politics. Instinctive fight reactions will only cause more conflict to whatever you are trying to attain; while instinctive flight reactions will only tag you as a coward and people can easily take you for granted. Neither option is likable for well career growth.

When a clash happens, it’s very easy to be narrow-minded and focus only on the differences. That’s a self-defeating approach. The ways to lessen this without looking like you are fighting to come out as a winner. Always see what’s best for the business, discuss the upsides and downsides of every option. In the end, everybody needs the business to be triumphant; if the business doesn’t win, then no one in the association wins.

At work, there are often issues which we have very little control over. It’s rather common to find corporate policies or boss consent which involves your personal interests. Bitching and complaining are common responses to these events that we cannot control. But think about it, other than that short term emotional outlet, what outcome does bitching really achieve? In most cases, none. Rather than feeling furious about the circumstances, concentrate on the things that you can do to impact the circumstance – your circle of impact. It leaves the misled feeling moreover allows others to think of you to be somebody who knows how to work inside given requirements.

In office politics, it is possible to find yourself in between two authority figures that are at odds with each other. You can’t get them to be in agreement, and neither of them wants to take rights of issues; they’re too afraid they’ll get blamed for any disasters. In cases like this, think from a business point of view and don’t take side with either of them. By not taking sides, you’ll help to direct conflict resolution in an objective manner. You’ll also gain trust of both parties.

There will be times; you’ll get irritated with people. It happens, when you feel the urge to give that person what they deserve and teach him a lesson. Don’t!! Even if you teach him a lesson and won the quarrel and feel really amazing about it for now, you’ll pay the price later when you need help from this person. What goes around comes around, especially at the work place. To win you’ll want to build a network of allies which you can get into. The last thing you want during an emergency or an opportunity is to have someone turn against you because they bear ill-intentions towards you.

A person feeling unjustified because they felt misunderstood. Unconsciously, we are more interested in getting others to understand us than to understand them first. Once the other party feels that you understand where he/she is coming from, they will feel less defensive and be open to understand you in return.

As we talked about office political conflicts happen because of contradictory interests. Figure out how to think as far as “by what method would we be able to both win out of this circumstance?” This requires you to first comprehend the other party’s point of view and what’s in it for him. Next, comprehend what’s in it for you. Try to find out an option that is valuable to both sides.

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