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Obama’s say about Science…

President Obama’s shared his thought about the developing methods of science and technology at his eighth and final State of the Union address. While the usual chat of nationhood and foreign policy set the tone for the annual speech, Obama made several arresting and exciting references to science.

The speech addressed the United States’ advances in science and technology over the past year, along with teasing a handful of new initiatives to support the spirit of science, technology, and the environment.

It’s easy to feel disillusioned with the political hot air blown around the corridors of power. But now with his final days of presidency looming, through his controversial with or without Congress mindset Obama appears to be determined to address the issues he believes in – or perhaps, just the promises he was elected on. One of these is undoubtedly climate change and the environment. But while political promises might come, burn up and fade, it seemed poignant that Obama’s legacy speech so strongly and optimistically stressed the roles of science and technology for the coming years.


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