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You have a legacy behind your family name, enlighten us about your success journey?

Having grown up in Dubai taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and how to actually add long lasting value. I moved to Dubai in the year 1996 when the city was a small town with a barren landscape. Having seen the transformation of this city and the leadership implementing changes through the city was eye opening for me. Coming from a family business background and seeing the transformation of this city started my passion for entrepreneurship.

After doing my primary and secondary education in Dubai, I attended Babson College ranked as the number one school for entrepreneurship where I did my major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Finance was my love for numbers and entrepreneurship was my love for creativity. Soon after graduating I joined one of the leading private equity firms investing in emerging markets across Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and South America. During my time in PE, I gained access to companies across various industries from a very close perspective.

By this time, I was ready to take the leap and jump out of the box. Success comes from taking chances and facing your fears. Since then, I’ve been on multiple entrepreneurial journeys across various industries from technology to hospitality to real estate development.

Since you are in many different industries, what is your true passion?

My passion in life is creating value. The value you create for others is what lasts and truly has an impact on people. In life you are always creating value. In relationships, you create value by being a moral compass for your partners be it your family, friends, or acquaintances. In business, you create value by creating jobs and a platform for your team members to improve their lives. In charity, you create value by choosing the right issues to target. My true passion is creating an impact on others and improving people’s lives around me.

What is your vision behind Hexagon Developments?

Hexagon Developments is a leading real estate development and investment company with completed projects in multiple geographies. Hexagon Developments is poised to bring in a wide range of experience in the real estate development sector under one company. Our vision is to be the most customer centric real estate development company providing our clients with prime, bespoke real estate products.

What is in the pipeline for Hexagon Developments?

There is a lot of exciting news coming out from Hexagon very soon. We have multiple projects in the pipeline which range from commercial to residential buildings. These projects are located from Pakistan to the US where we have a global presence. In Pakistan we are working on something very exciting for our customers in the commercial market space. There is a big partnership with a multinational company coming up for us which I cannot mention yet due to our non-disclosure agreement. We have also recently signed an agreement with the Overseas Pakistani Commission Punjab that is focused on promoting entrepreneurship and investments from Overseas Pakistanis into Pakistan.

What other initiatives are you taking in Hexagon Developments?

At Hexagon Developments, we believe in creating value for others from our team members, clients, and overall society. We have recently signed a pledge to Deaf Reach School which is an organization doing phenomenal work for the underserved deaf population of Pakistan. In Pakistan there are over one million deaf children of school age yet less than 5.0% are able to attend schools. Deaf Reach was founded by Richard Geary, an American citizen, who moved to Pakistan thirty years ago and made it his life’s mission to serve to deaf community. He has successfully opened up more than seven training centers across Pakistan and he helps deaf children learn and become part of society. At Hexagon we have pledged a certain amount from every sale our properties in support of their work with deaf children. This initiative is specifically close to my heart.

How much importance do you give human resource in your company?

It might sound cliché, but human resource is the single most important pillar for a company in any industry. I work across service-based and product-based businesses and in every business your team members are your biggest assets. Many times you spend more time in your office (pre-covid) than you do with your family, therefore it is essential to value your fellow team members and ensure you create a fun, productive work environment for them. Human resource is the key to success for any organization. You need to create a platform through which your team members are growing and pushing themselves daily.

What’s your message for the youth?

If you’re a billionaire, you have 24 hours a day. If you’re a doctor, you have 24 hours a day. If you’re an accountant, you have 24 hours a day. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have 24 hours a day. Or if you’re struggling you still have the same 24 hours a day. You need to make the most of your time and ensure spend those 24 hours in a productive and balanced manner. Too much of anything is not good therefore you must spend your time efficiently. Time is one resource which no one can buy and we all must go through the same time. No one’s time goes by faster or slower. My message to the youth will be to stay disciplined and continue this discipline through all tests of life.

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