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Loneliness & Social Media isolation is more dangerous than obesity

Thanks to social media that we stay updated with what is happening around the world in no time. But did you know according to the review conducted on the subject, millions across the world seem to be suffering from ‘loneliness epidemic’. Over 42 million adults in the U.S. seem to be suffering from chronic loneliness!

A social psychologist, Ashis Nandy from India, said in a report: “It’s about urban loneliness. The more cluttered our lives are with work, information, entertainment, technology and other trappings of worldly success, the less we have room for authentic intimacy, sharing of life’s challenges with those who really care. We constantly navigate between the need to be on our own and with others.” 

Today, our cities are more crowded, yet more people live alone in our cities. There are more break ups than marriages. Divorce rates are rising. There are more single person households. Loneliness, like depression, can affect our stress hormones and impact our behavior; to the point of even committing suicide.

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