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Leadership lessons by top entrepreneurs !

Every businessman has a phase where inspiration and motivation are required from the greatest leaders who ruled the field with their poise, decision-making skills, and optimism. Some of the greatest businessmen had no mentors or formal education but still, they made a mark in the field.


They also proved that for a successful businessman to make it big, there is no need to be born with a silver spoon or the path needn’t be challenge free.

Bill Gates

Embrace Failure: Usually, successful businessmen find it very difficult to handle failure. They feel that it is the biggest obstacle for them to achieve their dreams. But the founder of Mircosoft, Bill Gates says it another way. He says failure should be embraced in such a way that the flaws are found and a stepping stone for the new idea comes in. He also says that learning from mistakes brings better results. As Thomas Edison said, failures are a way to learn how not to do a certain thing for getting the right product.

Richard Branson

Break the Rules: A company is normally run by a set of rules but that actually brings up limitations. Richard Branson believes in giving the utmost freedom to his employees where innovation comes in. Thinking outside the box and being creative happens only when rules are broken! Such a refreshing thought for a successful business!


Steve Jobs

Focus First! The former founder and CEO of Apple Steve Jobs have nothing but a non-conformist path when it comes to business. . He strongly said that saying yes to every good idea may not work right for the company. It is the real tact when the best idea out of hundreds of good ideas is chosen. Steve Jobs says to pick ideas carefully which would strike a chord- and never go by every good idea which comes to mind!  This legendary entrepreneur has brought revolutionary ideas to Apple by taking extreme care in the packaging of the products.

Oprah Winfrey

Authentic Anyday:  Being authentic towards yourself, your ideas, your products, and the way business is run is quite important these days. It actually makes the business stand out from the crowd and gives it special importance- Oprah Winfrey firmly believed this practiced in her business life. She loves being herself in conducting business and brings for a cause to the customers. So dear business people, be authentic in your ideas and get a good chance.

Anita Roddick

Be Different: An industry stands out unique when the ideas they implement are different. Anita Roddick says that being different brings up a unique market for a product and grabs the attention of the customers well. Business for a unique cause and passion will always run successfully and brings a trustworthy brand value.

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