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Islam – A history of peace and protection, not destruction!

Islam - A history of peace and protection, not destruction!

There appears to be a constant feeling that ISIS only fulfills its ‘’Islamic’’ responsibility through its destructive charge. The justification for this view is often found in the laws of extra-conservative Islamist scholars who go so far as to declare all ‘’non-Islamic’’ symbols to be finished destroyed.

One may ask the extremism followed by a righteous Muslim following true Islam!

Islam is the world’s second largest religion, which was established in 610 CE. Over the 1,400 years if Islamization, for over centuries the communities were ruled over by Muslim dynasties and rulers, some good, some despotic and most indifferent. However, Muslims consider the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad and his first four heirs (Caliphs) to have surpassed in justice and piousness – symbols of the most immaculate image in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

Nonetheless, critics often point to reports that the Prophet (PBUH), shortly after the victory of Makkah, entered the Kaa’ba, and had the idols therein destroyed. And this much is true. Hence, critics took that act as violence being displayed and a vision of negativity – criticizing and blaming him for the terrorism in the world today.

Infact, critics often ignore what the Prophet Muhammad did not do; for example, he did not enter people’s homes and destroy their idols or prohibit them from pagan practice and belief. Neither did he have his followers burnish Arabia in order to remove all fragments of paganism or idol worship. However, what you see in the world today as an act by ISIS is totally non-Islamic and unjust!

Unfortunately, Muslim leaders are far from silent on such matters regarding violence by the so called Islamic groups and states like ISIS & Al-Qaeda. For example, the gap between ISIS and mainstream Islam is more than a non-Muslim can even understand.  Speaking about violation and destruction of ancient heritage sites, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, said:

“For more than 1400 years these cities were preserved and protected by successive Muslim rulers and governments and yet now the extremists claim to have destroyed them in Islam’s name. This can only be branded as an extreme cruelty and a transgression of Islam’s teachings. No true Muslim could ever comprehend acting in this way.”

To take ISIS and the destruction it wreaks as representative of Muslims and Islam is disloyalty in stating the history of Islam and feeds into a disruptive past of ‘us and them’. In reality, when compared with Islam’s wider teachings and history, ISIS’ destructive charge clearly reveals just how far the apple has fallen from the tree.


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