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Identify your shelf space

Retail packaging and shelf placement are two critical factors in convincing a consumer to buy a product. Attractive, noticeable packaging helps customers see your merchandise, and so does a central placement at eye level. A more substantial shelf section with more items facing the aisle also helps them stand out. Meanwhile, the package’s branding communicates the type of product and who it is best for. All these factors are crucial for a consumer packaged goods brand trying to win customers.

While more space often means more sales, retailers will almost certainly want compensation for any extra store space you want, and when the cost of extra retail shelf space is more than the jump in sales that your product receives, it’s time to think about how your shelf saturation point fits into your retail execution …

Shelf space is valuable real estate in the retail environment. Brands need the ideal placement to stand out in a busy aisle where every adjacent product is a direct competitor. Shelves directly in customers’ sightline are usually the best spot for increasing sales. Some brands may also position their products for success on the upper or lower shelves.

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