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Google marks 15 years of street view

Street View marks 15 years today and to celebrate, Google has added a way to look at past Street View imagery on mobile. The feature has been around on desktop since 2014 but is just now making its debut on iOS and Android.

Many of us have taken advantage of its capabilities, especially scoping out unknown locations before heading there in person. To celebrate the anniversary, the company has announced upgrades including a feature on its iOS and Android apps that will display historical Street View imagery right on your phone. Google is also introducing a new camera that is more portable and easier to capture high-quality images in more places.

Google is making a huge update to the way it captures Street View data for Google Maps with a new camera. Pictured below, it’s a new, modular system that weighs less than 15 pounds, and Google says is no bigger than a house cat. Being modular, it will be able to take attachments such as lidar scanners, when needed, and remove them when not.

The new camera can be mounted on any car that has a roof rack and can be controlled with a mobile device. Previously, Google’s Street View cameras required a special kind of car mount and elaborate processing equipment to operate.

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