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Google distribute monetary relief to those covering coronavirus updates.

Google has created a journalism emergency relief fund to provide support for local and small newsrooms on the front line of covering the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

It believes local news is a vital resource for keeping people and communities connected in the best of times as it plays an even greater function in reporting on local lock downs or shelter at home orders, school and park closures, and data about how Covid-19 is affecting daily life, The Drum reported.

According to Richard Gingras, the vice president of news at Google, the funding is open to news organizations producing original news for local communities during this time of crisis, and will range from the low thousands of dollars for small hyper-local newsrooms to low tens of thousands for larger newsrooms, with variations per region.

Google declined to reveal the amount of money in the relief fund and how it decides what amount to allocate to each publisher.

According to The Drum, additionally, Google is giving $1 million collectively to the International Center for Journalists, which plans to provide immediate resources to support reporters globally, and the Columbia Journalism School’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma that is helping journalists exposed to traumatic events experienced during the crisis.

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