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Facebook and Amazon working together to bring a new era of computing !!

Laptops and tablets are old ways of computing now, as technology is evolving day by day companies are coming up with ways to bring ease in your daily life.

That is why companies like Facebook and Amazon are working together to bring a new era of computing. Both companies have different agenda’s but are getting on the same page, as they were a lot closer when it came to unveiling their vision for the future of computing.

Facebook introduced its plan for augmented reality glasses, where users will be able to pull up a visual display on top of what’s actually in front of them. Up north in Seattle, Amazon announced Echo Frames, lightweight glasses with the Alexa voice assistant embedded in them.

The two internet giants showcased how the face is becoming the next tech battleground after smartphones, tablets and connected devices like the watch.

Microsoft, Google and Apple all have their own approaches to augmented reality and virtual reality, but the race for the face is particularly critical to Facebook and Amazon, because they have yet to establish computing gateways. Microsoft won the PC era and now has a tablet business, while Apple and Google have the dominant mobile operating systems.

Mark Zuckerberg said at the Oculus Connect 6 conference:

“I’ve been saying for a while that augmented and virtual reality is going to be the next major computing platform, You know, there’s only so much you can do with apps without also shaping and improving the underlying platform.”

Earlier this week, Facebook announced the purchase of CTRL Labs, a gesture recognition start-up that claims to be able to read electrical signals from your spinal cord and translate them into signals that computers can understand.

Amazon’s Echo Frames are invite-only at first. The lenses don’t have a screen, but instead add Alexa to your face in a way that makes the glasses nearly indistinguishable from what you see every day so “you stay in the moment,” the company says.

“They want to get Alexa in front of as many people as possible, It’s a smart starting point and a way to ease people into a new market, rather than giving them bulky glasses, geeky things nobody wants to put on their face, with privacy issues with cameras.”

That’s a big issue for all of the top internet platforms as they deal with scrutiny from consumers and lawmakers concerning their use of data. But the biggest challenge may be getting people comfortable with a whole new way to view the digital world.


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