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An explosion that killed a hero of the future

An explosion that killed a hero of the future

As the school bell rings, a blizzard of happiness ran through the ears of the little stars of future. Children running with bags and lunch boxes. Another day filled with learning something new; to lurch towards exploring a pilot, a doctor, an engineer or someone to be just a better person in life.

A shiny little star was waiting for his brother to take him home back from school. Bahram sher! He heard his name as he ran with joy towards his brother. Coming back to home with his mother ready with hot homemade parathas, just to make sure that he get a proper diet to maintain his health in the spectrum of colours in the beautiful village Khairgai of South Waziristan and to stay focused on studies, as he was the only one in his poor family to ever go to school.

His mother, a widowed house wife, worked at a local officer’s home as a cook to earn. A bright student – Bahram – an admirer of Shaheed Major Aziz Bhatti, wanted to work in Pakistan Air Force to serve his country with zeal and passion. He had an extreme craze to be in the air to uplift the country, and to give his mother something to be immensely proud of. As airplane passes by the beautiful village, his love to fly and to be a Shaheen of the Airforce gradually increased with time.

On a day dedicated to the Air force by his school, as per passion, he was selected to play the character of his idol Shaheed Major Aziz Ahatti. He enjoyed an excited yet sleepless night just before the big day with his mother while gazing the stars. He reminisces her whisper; “I want you to shine like a star to shatter the bleak truth that the tribals are unpatriotic”. Not a pinch of sleep came in that shiny little eyes as the time passed by, the goosebumps getting thicker as his patriotism makes him shout “Pakistan Zindabad” on that sleepless night.

He saw a white shiny thing in the sky, flying like an eagle as it came a little closer, he asked his mother; “Is it a Plane Maa?”. A drone attack hit a part of their village with smoke of dust kissing the sky. Just then a helpless mother with his kid sleeping inside the house lost all the hope for their lives and family.

Yet again, a pearl lost his shine in the heart of the darkest part of sea. We lost a pearl, We lost a hero!

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