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Creative economy in a pandemic world.

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has seriously influenced the inventive economy on a worldwide scale, influencing the whole innovative worth chain while affecting the individual craftsmen in numerous manners.

We can experience the global economic market is now shifting towards a creative economy and stepping into the digital era.

During the pandemic as businesses, organizations and industries have faced economical shrinkage, simultaneously, they have also witnessed multiple opportunities and growth.
This was discussed during an online discussion on the effect of Covid-19 on performing expressions. The discussion had been sorted out by ResiliArt – a worldwide development started by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which expects to reinforce the versatility of craftsmen and social experts despite the colossal difficulties presented by the continuous worldwide pandemic and bolster governments in creating arrangements and money related systems that can enable people and inventive networks to defeat the emergency.
Telecaster and previous senior supervisor of Pakistan Television’s Lahore station Moneeza Hashmi, who was directing the discussion, clarified that the discussion means to check the effect the infection has had on the innovative division in Pakistan, recognize potential answers for help specialists, improve their flexibility and present strategy suggestions for the social area in Pakistan.

UNESCO Pakistan Director Patricia McPhillips said that Covid-19 has seriously influenced the innovative economy on a worldwide scale.

The pandemic, she stated, McPhillips stated,

The pandemic has not been caring to the way of life part. Whole inventive worth chains have been influenced, including that the expert, social and monetary status of specialists and social experts has been upset.


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