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‘Car Chabi’ places your car key remote within your smartphone

'Car Chabi' places your car key remote within your smartphone

If you thought that getting inside your car will only be possible with a car key then you might want to think again. Car Chabi is an application that when fed in your smartphone device, will unlock your car and also navigate some features inside the car.

The app gets installed in your phone and car, after which you can lock/unlock, start/stop, turn the AC on/off and also secure your car.

DOORS'Car Chabi' places your car key remote within your smartphone

With Car Chabi you can easily lock/unlock your car without the need of your keys.The best part of the application is that you can access your car even if your keys are lost or accidentally left inside the car.




'Car Chabi' places your car key remote within your smartphoneENGINE

Start/stop your car from your Car Chabo smartphone app. It allows you to start your car before you even enter your car and save your precious time.




'Car Chabi' places your car key remote within your smartphoneA/C & HEATER

Is your car too hot in summer or too cold in winters? Well, You don’t need to worry nor suffer from that now that you have Car Chabi. Keep your car cool or warm with Car Chabi before entering the car.





ACC is the magic button that you control as one of the accessories of your car. It could be your car’s radio, music system, horn, A/C, heater, power windows, gear lock, trunk, etc. You take a pick and Car Chabi will navigate it for you!





The range of the app’s engineers have managed to take it to a Bluetooth connectivity of upto 300 feet.


You only have to pay once when installing the app – basically for the setup, which includes a smartphone app and a device that gets installed in your car. There are no hidden or annual charges. One time installation charges apply only.


With the durable hardware that has been designed by the app officials, it provides a year extended warranty for Car Chabi’s device and free updates for the smartphone app.

Moreover, apart from all these available features within the app, the app also suits best with your latest model car. So, if you have a nice car and want the best fit for it then make the ride even more classy with Car Chabi – The best compliment to your car.

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