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Apple’s new IOS update is here and saver for IOS 13!!

Right when Apple released its updated version of IOS, even it had flaws.

To be hones ios 13 is a mess and you have updated your phone, rightly wait for ios 13.1 to solve all the issues.

iOS 13 removed support for two generations of iPhone, so iOS 13.1 will run on the iPhone 6S and newer. Compatible devices should receive an automatic upgrade prompt, but if you haven’t had one navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

Apple recent iOS 13 was a compelete disaster. Numerous bugs were found as well as gaping security flaws and the fact iOS 13.1 addresses many of them makes it a vital upgrade.

But with that said, everyone still running the rock-solid iOS 12 should stay upto date, while iOS 13.1 may be better than iOS 13 it’s not good in its own right.

Many users have took social media with complaints. Looking at the official @AppleSupport Twitter account alone, it is clear that iOS 13’s Mail problems remain as do corrupted Reminders, WiFi instability and a lorry-load of general bugs.

iOS 13.1 also seems to be having problems with third-party apps and devices, notably wireless chargers.  Apple has confirmed the “full access” keyboard bug is unfixed as well.

The bug fixes which are the real point of iOS 13.1. Apple’s lists 22 fixes covering Apple ID, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, iCloud, Mail, Messages, Notes, Reminders, Siri and the Share Sheet. Clearly, the reports above show some of these were not successful.

iOS 13.1 is clearly a rushed fix for a rushed release and that doesn’t make for great software. Consequently, anyone still running one of the late polished builds of iOS 12 should wait till the proper updated version comes. That it would take more than one update to fix all the problems in iOS 13.

Apple would release iOS 13.1.1 within the next 2-4 weeks and wouldn’t rule out another 5-6 iOS 13 updates before the year is out. Till enjoy your previous version or if you have already updated to iOS 13 than 13.1 is better so update.

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