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‘Apple’ unveils its iPhone new iconic shape!

It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone 11 design has made jaws drop and not in a good way. Yes, there’s solid techbehind the ugly new bulge but only now is the true potential of the design taking shape.

New iPhone 11 concept render by Hasan Kaymak, based on multiple leaksNew iPhone 11 concept render by Hasan Kaymak, based on multiple leaks

Digging through the less-than-flattering supply chain leaks (including iPhone 11 parts, schematic drawings and chassis molds) is graphic designer Hasan Kaymak and he has managed to recreate Apple’s iconic attention to detail to show how the iPhone 11 actually has quite an arresting design.

The most obvious point of reference is the previously hideous square camera bulge which, following leaked refinements illustrated by Kaymak, now positively distinguishes the iPhone 11 from other vertically aligned triple camera handsets. And the cameras themselves look to be worth the shape change.

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