An Exclusive Interview with Zeeshan MiaNoor, CEO – Inovi Technologies

Tell us about yourself?
I am working in this industry from last 20 years, started my carrier with Sony VCR after the advancement in technologies, we started to sell VCD player. Later on we add mobile segment to expand in our business with brands such as Huawei, Apple, Xperia. We are also official business partner of Sony in Pakistan.  Currently I am heading one of the companies “Inovi Technologies. Inovi Technologies is not a new name in the Mobile Phone industry of Pakistan. This company was founded in 1998; Inovi Technologies is the Sole distributors in Pakistan of Honor Mobile which is the brand of Huawei.


How would you describe the brand Honor?
Honor being a youth centric brand so it has a young customer base, Inovi technologies took hold of this opportunity at full hand and achieved blistering results. We went with a tactical approach of targeting the masses with a reasonable price range with Top of the line features that have never been seen in basic entry level smart phones of other brands here in Pakistan.


What is Honor Current Standing in Pakistan?
Honor has been well accepted by the Pakistani market as the numbers speak for themselves. Honor has been able to achieve more than 5% market share in the initial month of its launch with its product line up. Therefore, we are very confident to see Honor proving itself amongst other leading smartphone brands here in Pakistan.  Huawei has reached a milestone by becoming the world no.2 manufacturer of mobile phones, this means that it delivers the pinnacle of technology that is available in a smart phone and it has allocated most of its resources in making the best technical phone in manageable price for the consumers.


What kind of Growth Perspective you are looking at?
Last year was very challenging for us as we were new in the market, but we managed to achieve 5% market share. The target is to make Honor one of the top 3 mobile brands in Pakistan. Which we will achieve INSHAH-ALLAH.

What Competitive Edge does Honor have over other brands?
Honor Mobile as a youth centric e brand, is focused on innovation, quality and performance. The huge budgets on R&D is a proof of seriousness from the company. Its already accepted & consumer loves it. We hope that the growth will continue and Huawei & Honor will be toughest brand for the all competition in the market.


Being in this field what hurdles do you face in general?
The price has really been the prominent factor for the Pakistani mobile phone market, with the imposed tax rates the prices have increased, that has increased the competiveness in the market for everyone and with the grey channel shutting down with new policy it would really be something to look forward too and will be good for the manufacturers in the long run.


Enlighten us about Inovi’s Future Plan? 
We believe on long term partnerships & Our relationship with the brands is the proof. We believe on horizontal growth and it’s on the track with all the environmental challenges. Hopefully we will continue this with the support of our principles and the dedication of our team.


With the growing industry, how do you tackle challenges and motivate your team?
If we have to run our business, we have to tackle all the problems with team spirit. I trust on my team and that’s the reason of my success.


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