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An Exclusive Interview session with Sohail Tabba CEO – Luckyone

BM: Congratulations to you and Mr. Muhammad Yunus Tabba for receiving Sitara-e-Imtiaz on Pakistan Day. What are your feelings?
ST: Thank you for your warm wishes. We are humbled & grateful to Allah SWT, that He has blessed my father with this prestigious accolade – an honour of receiving Sitara-e -Imtiaz, and gave him  opportunities to be of service to Pakistan.

BM: It has been over 2 years since the launch of LuckyOne Mall. As the pioneer of the project, how would you describe the journey since then?
ST: For me, the past two years have been very fulfilling. The journey itself has been one of rapid progress and improvement. LuckyOne experience has empowered us to contribute in a very real way to the city of Karachi, so much so that we have changed the skyline.  However, we still believe we have room for improvement, and give great significance to our customers’ feedback. We make sure we consider and incorporate improvements to enhance their experience when they visit the mall.

BM: Attaining one of the highest business structures in the market, how do you tend to continue the success you have garnered?
ST: The legacy of acknowledgment and success is embedded in our group. Having a business group with diversified fields of work, we are proud to be known as one of the largest and reputable producers in textile, cement, pharmaceutical, animal health, feed and apparel. It has been a long journey, but the overall drive towards cultivating the best practices among such competitive business models has been primarily due to our endeavour of carefully hired personnel who are proficient and dedicated on a global level. We strive to continue to attract the best talent and move ahead with global best practices.

Security had always been a large perspective when you built the mall in the area. How have things turned out to be in response?

Over the last two years, one of the most talked about functions of the mall was the security measures of the mall. We spent a great deal of thought into installing a complete security system in the mall, along with the most advanced face recognition systems that has more than 600 cameras operating at a time span of 24 hours, seven days a week. We have invested in a pro-active elite force for active support and action, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Since we have been running a Textile Mill in this area for a long time, we are prepared to tackle all possible circumstances. Alhamdulillah, we have never faced any major security concerns at LuckyOne Mall. While challenges come and go, the ride has been a smooth one so far.


BM: With the rising cinema industry, do you have any plans of opening a cinema in the Mall?
ST: The LuckyOne Mall is a family entertainment destination, and although we have thought of opening a cinema house within the mall premises, there are certain considerations that stand against the decision. Most of the space of the mall has been already utilized. With Onederland built over a 45,000 SqFt area, we have occupied up to 95 percent of the mall, with our main focus being on attracting families in the mall. The decision to develop an indoor theme park was also due to the fact that we wanted to focus on being a space for families to enjoy themselves, rather than building a cinema that cannot be considered as a family entertainment area. We prefer to focus on Onederland and believe in maintaining a Family Entertainment Center (FEC). We, therefore, do not regret our decision of opening a cinema Hall in the mall.

BM: Holding such a large business portfolio under the name of “Yunus Brothers Group”, what challenges do you face and how do you tend to tackle them accordingly?
ST: The challenges faced until now have been trivial and easily tackled, and we have mainly come across challenges in the infra-structure of Karachi as a whole, especially due to the traffic situation in the city. However, we believe there is a solution to every problem; the infrastructure can be dealt by the construction of roads and proper management by traffic constables. We live in a land of challenges and opportunities; certain challenges are part & parcel of our country. If the new setup keeps working like this, Inshaa’Allah, I foresee Pakistan as South Asia’s economic hub in the not so distant future.

BM: How difficult is it for a business Tycoon to manage multiple chains of businesses?
ST: Being pro-active is one of the most important qualities to retain while managing diverse businesses. As it’s commonly said, the world is a global village; and we believe that with the right talent and technology, certain opportunities can present themselves at the right time and at the right place, which we take diligently.

BM: What is the most memorable moment since the Mall came into origin? Would you share the experience with us?
ST: Every day is a new experience! When we started construction of LuckyOne Mall, the response we received from the people around us was extremely overwhelming, and over 150,000 people lined up outside the mall. We are extremely humbled by such an enthusiastic response from the citizens of Karachi, and every moment is a special moment to live by. Seeing those smiles of happiness are sources of immense motivation for us all, contributing to a setup built on international standards.

There are a lot of things in the pipeline, and we have planned on investing over half a billion US-Dollars in the next few years

BM: How has the new government played a role in enriching the economic sector of Pakistan?
ST: The new government has surely taken steady initiatives worth mentioning. The recent measures they have taken, such as the mini budget plan, has resolved many doubts. Obviously, they don’t have a magic wand, but the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team is commendable. The unrest that has spread across the country cannot only be resolved by our government officials, but requires contribution of entrepreneurs as well. In order to promote and develop our financial sector, we must promote and establish industrialization, for which we are already contributing and are quite optimistic about it.

BM: Leading the entire business portfolio from the front, what new ventures are to be seen under the family wing?
ST: Our plan is to start a Coal Power Plant project at Bin Qasim, which is to take initiatives in the next three years’ worth 660MW. This project will also include Wind Power and Solar Power Plants. Besides this, the expansion in the textile industry has been significant because of the new confidence and setup of Pakistani culture nationally and globally. There are a lot of things in the pipeline, and we have planned on investing over half a billion US-Dollars in the next few years for its establishment. The future is looking bright! Inshaa’Allah

BM: Coming across hard times and aiming for the best, what would be your message to the people of Pakistan?
ST: My message to the millennials of Pakistan is to work hard and never give up. They should always be honest and do whatever they want passionately – with all their heart and soul. That is what I believe, and that is the best way to take things forward. There is no doubt that these millennials are the future of Pakistan.

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