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This advice for parents ahead of exams is a must read for everyone

This advice for parents ahead of exams is a must read for everyone

Pakistan’s legendary bowler Shoaib Akhtar has a great advice for all the parents out there, pressurizing their kids to be always on the top no matter what. The need to score highest in the exams had slopped down the confidence of our young generation by great numbers.

With his recent tweets, the speedster emphasized on the individuality of kids and made this prominent that every kid is unique and might excel in other things, you did not expect them to.

His tweets are the perfect embodiment of present day society, they are a stepping stone for all the parents who wish to bring out the change in the lives of their children. Shoaib Akhtar has pressurized the need to encourage children in what they want to do, regardless of the academics or not.

It is a commonly known fact that the crucial dependence of child’s future is based on his area of common interest. “Scores don’t matter“, highlights Shoaib.

These tweets by Shoaib Akhtar couldn’t be emphasized enough, no matter if your child fits to the definition of this society’s intelligence or not, do not discourage their expectations with the future. Let them be confident and excel them in what they wish to do.

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Nonetheless, Shoaib Akhtar  has a large fan following and his tweets definitely impact large-scale audience. Just last week, he emphasized on the need to develop real relationships instead of the WhatsApp ones’. It feels that Mr. Akhtar is finally trying to bring out the best in this society with his precious advice.

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