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10 Conceptualized Cars of the Future

Here are ten conceptualized futuristic cars for the furutre.

10. Fiaz Eye

Looking more like a futuristic pod than a car, the Fiat EYE definitely catches the human eye and holds people’s gaze. The concept for this car was actually inspired by the Segway scooter.

109. Peugeot Honey-B

This durable looking four wheeler is yellow and black in colour like a honey bee. However, it looks more like the type of people transporter used on the moon in science fiction movies than a practical vehicle that would pass you on an interstate highway.

98. General Motors Firebird 1

This vehicle appears to be some type of land rocket and looks like something you would see in a Disney-Pixar film. I mean, this concept car literally looks like a jet fighter on four wheels, right?

7. Volkswagen Aqua

Always with the amphibious car! It seems that every time automotive concepts are involved, someone has to come out with an amphibious car that can operate on both land and water. Why the obsession with vehicles that can double as cars and boats? We have no idea. But it is a concept that, while totally impractical, never appear to die.

6. Alfa Romeo Caimano

This concept car was actually built and looks a bit like a switchblade when the doors and hood are open. Created in the 1970s, the Caimano was designed as a futuristic cousin of the then popular Alfa Romeo Alfasud. And it definitely looks futuristic for the 1970s.

5. Ferrari 512 S Modulo

Is this a car or a shuttle off the U.S.S. Enterprise? Looking a lot like the shuttles used to ferry Captain Kirk and crew to the Enterprise on Star Trek, the Ferrari 512 S Modulo is one spaced out mindset car.

4. Peugeot Egochine

Another weird one from the folks at Peugeot in France. Is it us, or does this concept car look a lot like a razor blade that people shave with? Regardless, it is difficult for anyone to take their eyes off the Peugeot Egochine.

3. BMW Lovos

The engineers at BMW aren’t known for being super edgy and crazy when it comes to their car designs. They are German, after all. But check out the Lovos. This concept vehicle takes the term “armour china” to a whole new level.

2. Honda Fuya-Jo

Can you say “boxy?” This concept car sure as hell isn’t aerodynamic or likely to fly down the highways. About as square as a car can get, the Fuya-Jo by Honda means “sleepless city” in Japanese. And, believe it or not, this vehicle was designed with a very practical purpose in mind – to transport party goers who are too loaded to drive themselves places.

1. Magnet Car

Not all concept cars come from major automakers. Every now and then a concept for a vehicle comes from an independent artist, designer, mind or spirit.

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