Youth Parliament unites all political parties with social movement Jadeed Karachi

Youth Parliament held a grand launching ceremony of their new project “Jadeed Karachi,” which is Pakistan’s first biggest social movement.

The event started off with the President Youth Parliament Rizwan Jaffar’s speech, who highlighted the reason behind organizing this great movement for flourishing the youth of Karachi. He enforced that Karachi can only be built through the efforts of youth and this generation can only thrive and prosper if they are provided with a platform through which they can grow and progress.

After his inaugural speech came the Jamat-ul-Islami respondent Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman who stated that we have to give positive contribution to our city. We have to payback the money given by public and the people of Pakistan.

He further stated that cleanliness campaign should also be initiated throughout the metropolis and social issues like water scarcity should also be brought upfront. Moreover, incomplete projects involving the infrastructure of the city should also be brought into limelight with a positive contribution alongside positive campaigning. Karachi can only be developed if the youth join forces and contribute together to take the progression of the city to pinnacle, he said adding that sports development around the country should also be prioritized.

Khurram Sher Zaman of PTI was also at the event and he said that the issues and problems of Karachi could not be solved by the provincial government only. The major issues which link all the other problems surrounding the city are in hygiene and water scarcity, rooting in this society.

He further said that PTI has raised voice multiple times to solve the issues, but received no response in return. PTI has also filed for decrease in electricity rates for the convenience of people and the party would continue on working for Karachi.

Asad Umer of PTI said that they want Karachi to have the best situation and environment for the youth. We have to take out politics and bureaucracy from society to make education more important for the youth to flourish. In order to improve the society, implementation of technology on high scale is a must.

He emphasized on the power of decision making and said that peace will only be achieved in Karachi if we set our priorities straight. Highlighting the civic issues including deteriorating police sector, water & hygiene, transport and infrastructure development he said that we can never succeed, if we continue working for our benefit only. Karachi is a youth based city, but is in a dire need of more job opportunities.

“Jadeed Karachi would be Naya Pakistan’s Naya Karachi.”

PML-N Senator Nehal Hashmi afterwards graced the event with the special performance of Markaz-e-Umeed children and appreciated their efforts alongside appreciating teachers for their hard work.

Later on, Chairman TDAP SM Muneer joined the event and explained his journey of joining TDAP and said that when he became a part of it, it was facing a corruption of “13 crore” and today it is completely free from it. He energetically mentioned that their motto is to unitedly work for Pakistan and to develop Karachi with the help and support of government. Pointing out the already mainstream garbage, water, transport and hygiene issues he said that they are ready to bring out a change for betterment in coalition with Nawaz Sharif and government. Enthusiastically he mentioned that they want to make a Pakistan that this nation would be proud of.

Federal Advisor Dr. Mirza Iftikhar said that youth is the light at the end of every tunnel and it is this generation that will bring upon the light for the future of Pakistan. He further said that international sports are finally coming to Pakistan, as wrestlers find their way to the rings in this country. Sports will establish in the country with more international events being successfully organized.

President FPCCI Zubair Tufail also brought into front the same issues of garbage, infrastructure development, transport and education. He rebuked KE for increasing the electricity rates without thinking privy of the situations being faced by the people. Reinforcing the much discussed rising issues, he said that the youth should be facilitated and job opportunities should be increased for them on a vast scale. We have to work and stand united for the development.

MQM Pakistan’s Chairman Dr. Farooq Sattar during his address with the conference attendees wished everyone Pakistan Day. He said that no matter issues Karachi face alongside him, he will always be a Pakistani. This is the youth which has changed and revolutionized Pakistan in every era, it is our parents who made Pakistan in their youth and now it is our time to bring a change.

He further pointed out that those who criticize Karachi must see that what they have done for the city, if they censure us then they should be provided with what they have done too.

Give the youth of Karachi the government functioning and they will definitely make a Pakistan which Quaid-e-Azam foresee. Today we will look towards a brighter future of Pakistan and it is my promise to the entire country that we will completely change Karachi in 5 years, claimed Sattar.

Jadeed Karachi’s inauguration ceremony included the bigwigs from different walks of life, including renowned faces from political, educational and social sector. Karachi Chamber of Commerce President Shamim Ahmed Firpo and FPCCI President Zubair F Malik also graced the event with their presence.