Women two times less likely to own cell phone than men in Pakistan

UN’s International Telecommunication (ITU) conducted a survey titled as Measuring the Information Society Report. As per findings of the report, male mobile users around the world, including Pakistan, are greater than the women in most countries.

The findings have highlighted that, due to the male domination in most areas of the world women are oppressed and have no access to cell phones, especially in Pakistan. The United Nations agency reports states that men in Pakistan are twice as likely to own a cell phone when compared to women.

Women two times less likely to own cell phone than men in Pakistan

However, the difference is marginal (less than four percentage points). In Pakistan—alongside other Asian countries such as India and Bangladesh—the change is rather prominent.

The report adds;

“The percentages of female/male mobile-phone users/owners are calculated as a proportion of total female/male population in each age group.”

Moreover, in a striking finding, report pointed that in 2015, Pakistan had a highest gender gap when it came to cellphone users with 17 percent. The total number of male percentage was 84 percent when compared to 64 percent of female users.

Apart from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are also the countries where male domination has led to men own a cellphone twice to that of women with a percentage of 71 percent to 82 percent and 79 percent to 90 percent, respectively.