Here are the WhatsApp scams you should remain alert about!

Let’s all face it, at one point or another, WhatsApp become unbearable due to the extensive scam and hoax messages & features you are being bombarded with everyday. This is inevitable, because with more than one billion users you can expect a fair share of scammers. However, we are alerting you to the traditional WhatsApp scams you will come across everyday.

Official WhatsApp Emails:

The best way to scam anyone is to send them emails, claiming to be official or original one. The scammer send out emails via WhatsApp, claiming to be original entity. These emails look like a reminder of any missed voicemail or call, naturally intriguing users to open them. However, the link mentioned inside contains the route to malicious content, which may be hazardous for personal contacts and information. This is why you should be aware of these unauthentic emails, and never ever open them at any cost.

Free iPhone, Samsung Handset Or Voucher Winning Hoax:

Out of all the WhatsApp scams, this is one you all must have faced within your tenure of using WhatsApp. These hoax messages are designed in such a way that they are sent from the number of your friend, convincing you to enter your bank account and other personal information so you can claim your prize. All the WhatsApp users should know that there are no schemes and prizes conducted officially, so never reveal your personal details.

The End To WhatsApp…

I don’t even need to explain this, because since the start of this messaging service we have been hearing that it is ending or soon being shifted to the paid version. Thus, you are requested by the fake app CEO in his own words, to send the message to all people in your friend list and a tick will appear for authentication. However, you should know that such a big change and news won’t be circulated through mere messages and if any such thing happens in the future, the messaging giant will take it through the official channels.

WhatsApp Premium & WhatsApp Gold:

Just like the one mentioned above, this Whatsapp scams mention that the app is offering gold version through which users will be provided with new features or a chance to get rid of infected or malicious services, if they upgrade with the link provided. However, that link dupes the users by forcing them to pay for nothing or get involved in any illegal activity. See the developer’s name before you go ahead with such dubious downloads.

WhatsApp Spying Feature:

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption has made it impossible to snoop into anyone’s account or messages, except obviously the sender and receiver. However, its okay to admit that we all want to sometimes take a peek into other people’s messages and this is what scammers are exploiting people with. They send links through which you are promised to get a look into other people’s activities, which in turn just damage your phone and personal information.

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