WhatsApp users! Stay alert of the latest scam that can destroy your phone

Attention WhatsApp users! A new scam has been doing rounds all over the world and it could be harmful for your smartphone and the important data they carry. The users have been receiving messages on the popular networking app, which is tricking them to visit http://шһатѕарр.com/?colors domain that ensures users that upon download their WhatsApp will turn into multiple colours.

This is the picture that has been circulating all over the messaging platform along with the site mentioned above. However, as soon as the users click on that link, the spam website takes them to Once at the site, it asks users to share the link to multiple groups for human verification. When done, users are tricked into downloading adware via Chrome extension on computer.

WhatsApp will never send such messages without any official confirmation through the legit platforms, this is the reason people need not to be-fooled by such scams that appear. But, there is still a mass number of people who fall victim to such malicious spams.

Thus, it is best to stay away from such WhatsApp scams and malicious messages rather than a long term damage to your cellphone and personal data.

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