Water ATMs for public soon to be installed in Pakistan

A project of installing Water ATMs was initiated by the students of Information Technology University (ITU) as their project but now ITU has collaborated with the University of Colorado to bring this initiative to life.

These water ATMs will be installed across Punjab, especially at the localities where clean drinking water is not easily available. The residents of these areas will be given a card and water quota for every month to get access to the water. The ATM machine will work just like normal ATM machine which is used to withdraw money, but in this case, water will be withdrawn.

The machine is designed keeping the uneducated populace in mind so that they can use this machine without any hassle. The cost of this project is expected to be around $374,500.

As we know that Pakistan is turning into a water-scarce country. It is the need of the hour to identify the importance of water and its conservation.

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