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Warren Buffet donated almost the equivalent of Trump’s net worth to charity


Warren Buffet, the well-known philanthropist, businessman and the American business magnate broke his own record by donating 3.17 Billion to “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” (which is managed by the Microsoft co-founder and his wife, takes care of issues related to poverty, education, and healthcare. The foundation itself is quite wealthy in itself, but the donation will take it new heights.)

He’s the man behind one of the greatest fortunes in the world, but he’s also known for his kind deeds with which he aids millions of lives.

Buffett has donated more than 40% of his wealth, but he aims to take it 99%. Despite making such a huge donation, the amount that equals the worth of the US President Donald Trump, Buffett will not fall from his position on the Forbes’ global billionaire list.


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