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War of campaigns- FM 91’s popular idea imitated by rival Radio station


FM 91 is considered as the pioneer of radio head. The station has introduced whooping changes in the radio industry with quality content and unique ideas. This is why other radio networks have been trying to copy it for attaining better listener-ship and a stable place in the market.

Recently, a campaign was launched by a rival station whose idea was the exact copy of FM91, which they had initially launched in 2009. With Halloween just around the corner, the FM station claiming to be Pakistan’s most sought-after radio channel imitated the same concept as that of the radio-head.

War of campaigns- FM 91's popular idea imitated by rival Radio station
FM 91’s youth-targeting mascot

The Radio head presented a ‘Music is My Lifeline’ character which is a representation of today’s ‘Contemporary Youth’. Its acts as a mascot for Radio1 and a representative for the different kinds of music they play.

What stems to my mind after seeing such startling resemblance between two different campaigns is that how cleverly one name can copy others’ without any consideration of the consequences. Were they not aware that the promotion they are doing is already trademarked for another company?

War of campaigns- FM 91's popular idea imitated by rival Radio station

After studying the campaigns, one just launched recently and the other from 2009, it can easily be concluded that a brand or a company needs to do a proper consultation or planning before coming up with a certain idea. Imitating or copying a strategy which has already been executed before and that too by the competitor won’t fare well in the masses.