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Volvo to make only electric and hybrid cars from 2019


Volvo is the first of the major car manufacturers to commit to ditching petrol- and diesel-only cars by the end of the decade.

The Swedish automotive giant has revealed that every car it makes will have an electric motor from 2019. The company is also preparing to launch five fully electric cars by 2021, in addition to petrol- and diesel-based plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles. The company said that full details of the cars will be announced at a later date. All of Volvo’s cars from 2019 will be powered by electric motors, the company has announced.

There will still be some hybrid vehicles, which use a traditional motor alongside an electric one. But the company will also focus on fully electric cars. It has committed to having a climate-neutral manufacturing operation by 2025.

Jon Wakefield, managing director of Volvo UK, told Sky News: “Our customers do want cleaner cities and this is our way of providing that consumer demand.”

He said prices were yet to be determined though pure electric vehicles were likely to be “at the top end of that price point” with a “mild hybrid” at the more affordable end.

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