This famous messaging app is now introducing

The famous messaging app Viber after a long time is all set to introduce a change that will be beneficial for the app in attracting its user base back. In its first, the once mighty and famous messaging app is all set to step up with a new feature termed as ‘self-destructing chats’ for securer privacy.

With more than 800 million registered users in Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe; Viber’s new “Secret Chats” feature will self-destruct after a fixed span of time.

This famous messaging app is now introducing "self-destructing chats" for privacy
Self-destructing timer

Due to this feature concerning privacy, any secret chat will be completely disallowed to be forwarded. The feature is already somewhat available for the iOS users, who are informed whenever someone takes a screenshot. On the other hand, in Android phones screenshots are completely blocked. Users can also hide their secret chats as per their wish, just by the use of PIN code.

As per the details revealed through different compatible online resources, this feature will be introduced for iOS and Android systems most possibly in the ongoing week.