If you’re in the advertising business you know what its like to have a difficult client. Fortunately we are here to help you identify few of the types of clients and how to deal with them.

The ‘I need this done yesterday’ one:- This client will have a general lack of awareness of the space time continuum; belief that simply having ideas means the work is complete. Dealing with such clients is very simple, be straight forward with them, if they start to expect the impossible educate them to reality.

The ‘Everything is an emergency’ one:- This client has a firm belief that he/she is the only possible client you could have and is therefore they deserve 100 percent if your time. Handle these clients with performance rather than you sales pitch establish clear timelines and meet all deadlines so you can show the client you’re on track. If they are still persistent do remind them every now and then that you have other clients as well.

The ‘I don’t care just do whatever you want’ one:- This client has a completely hands off approach but this might mean that client may lack key information even when pressed for it. With this client just enjoy the freedom that they provide but always require client buy in at critical stages to head off major reworking.



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