Major loopholes in safety as two PIA planes escape accidents

Two planes of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) narrowly escaped serious accident after one of jet’s tyre burst while the windscreen of the other got broken. The media reports have indicated that both the planes had technical errors due to which the flights had to be stopped at the end moment.

The windscreen of PIA aircraft PK 751 departing from Lahore to Oslo got cracked, which took air technicians about eight hours to replace and change. The flight got cancelled owing to this long and strenuous hours of repair.

On the other hand, the tyre of PK 709 flying to Manchester from Lahore burst during the takeoff. But, fortunately, the wait of six hours turned fruitful as the flight took off after a long wait.

When asked to comment, spokesman PIA stated that both the flights were rescheduled due to repairing, but the Oslo-bound flight had to be cancelled due to late night landing problems.

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