Tips to

As beneficial and enjoyable owning a car maybe, it comes with a lot of responsibility as well.

You must always take care of your car, the environment you drive in and yourself as well. If you don’t, you would end up spending more of everything: your money, time, health, even damage the environment. Here are a few tips on saving all that is green!

  • Fuel economy – If you want to drive green, then pay special attention to how you consume your car fuel. Car ignition takes up a lot of fuel then standing idle for a little while, so manage you’re driving in a way that you don’t have to stop and start your car often. Aggressive and careless driving reduces the miles per gallon (MPG) and also adds to the wear and tear on your vehicle. So avoid it at all costs because all of these things add to fuel economy, and if you can manage that then you will start saving on huge amounts of greens in your pockets. It will even help more if you reduce unnecessary trips to the market.
  • Proper maintenance – Let’s show some love to the environment by maintaining the car. Whenever you are driving, make sure the car is tuned up, the air filters are good, the oil is in optimal condition etc. An under tuned car is not only damaging the environment but also the car itself. With a proper tune-up, you can save up almost four percent on the cost of fuel and up to 40 percent by a well working oxygen sensor. Simply changing the car’s air filter can improve efficiency by 10 percent.
  • Drop the extra pounds – This is the most interesting tip. We normally take our car trunk as some sort of a store. A lot of unnecessary things, that don’t even belong to your car, are left there to rest for an eternity. All for the sole reason of you being too lazy to take it out if not needed. Remember, if your car is carrying more weight, it will eat up more fuel! Only keep the necessary stuff in your car trunk and remove the rest.
  • Gas Leaks – AH! The silent culprit. In case you didn’t know, the gas in your car is volatile. If you leave it uncovered it will evaporate. Always check your vehicle’s gas cap. Even if it’s loose or damaged in any way, it will still slowly evaporate. So you are not only loosing gas for no good reason, but also damaging the environment. All the evaporated gas is absorbed in the air and adds to the pollution. So drive green and keep those gas caps tight and closed.
  • Environment friendly cleaning – Keeping your car clean is nothing but good. But you must be considerate and pay good attention to the types of products you use. It might not matter to you as one person, but imagine a million people doing the same thing. Most car cleaning products are not environment friendly. So make a little effort and buy environment friendly products. Also make sure you don’t waste a lot of water. You should use only as much as you need, don’t spill unnecessarily. Remember what you waste today, will be a shortage tomorrow!