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The more time you spend with your parents, the longer they will live – Research

The more time you spend with your parents, the longer they will live - Research

Science has definitely found ways to amaze us with its breakthroughs and important discoveries. And in a recent new, researchers from the University of California have also devised a way to prolong the lives of our parents and make them feel better than ever. However, it’s not some recipe or years’ old formula, it is as simple as you think.

And the way to increase the lifespan and better health of our parents, is just by giving them apt amount of “Attention”. As per the research, loneliness is a key factor in increasing mortality rate and ageing process.

To find the reason out, scientists observed 1,600 elderly people with a nominal age of 71. In the time of 6 years, it was found that only 14 per cent of elders who were constantly visited by their children had died, while 23 per cent was the figure of those who did not get visitors, passed away.

The older the people are, the more importance and significance they tend to give to their relationships and family. On the other hand, with the escalating age gap and busy schedule, children are more prone to distant from their parents at this age.

But, after reading this today, just think for a while that your single call or few hours in a week can increase the life span of your parents. So indulge yourself in some creative conversations with your parents, because it is better to see them happy with long life rather than repenting over it later on.

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