This application is a must have for all intermediate students in Pakistan

The students of today are upwardly mobile, both in how they gather information and keep up with their current curriculum. Thus, there’s a need to cater to this demographic.

Keeping this in mind, the Punjab Group of Colleges being the largest educational network in Pakistan has taken a much-needed step to get on with the times. For the smartphone generation, PGC has developed and launched an e-Learning app “EL by PGC” that can ensure that modern students have access to up-to-date course materials and learning aids.

Having apps on your smartphones has made things so much easy. So why not do the same with educational apps that can help Pakistani students learn, evaluate and study for their academic life?

EL by PGC App Features

No matter where you are, PGC’s e-learning application “EL by PGC” provides all the information you ever need to ensure that you ace that exam. Some of its features include:


Multiple choice questions. Test yourself quickly and immediately and know how well you’ve grasped a subject.

Short Questions

Test your knowledge. Go through the main points of any course. The Short Questions feature lets you grasp the concepts.

Video Lectures

Missed a lecture or need to revisit a discussion from your teacher? You can now playback video lectures based on your selected subjects and courses.

Past Papers

See what type of exam questions you will have to face by tapping into a treasure trove of past papers. No need to buy a heavy book for the same.

Note: Prepare for the effective learning.

Upcoming Features

The syllabus for I.Com and Bachelors Degree will be available soon.

Download the app from here.

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