Time changes a lot of things, this is actually true, how? Let’s just think for a while how we were when we were kids.  We were fearless, we had lots and lots of friends, and the only thing we used to worry about were the exams, the only time we used to stay at home was when our exams were close by. Otherwise we were seen playing with our neighbors the whole day. And what were those games? Not these cell phone games; they were real, actual and physical games. The common ones were “KHO KHO”, “Kona kona”, “PakramPakrai,” “Chupanchupaayi,” “ankh macholi”, “pittu”, “BarafPani” and so on.

We used to plan night stays at our cousin’s place, those chilly badminton nights in winters, listening to stories late night while lying on the roof with all your cousins and sometimes neighbors.

The life was so different back then. We used to have time for our families and friends. We used to know every single detail about our neighbors, what they are going through. That time was far different from the current days.

The teens now-a-days are so busy with their social life. They have lots and lots of friends added in their Face book, but they know nothing about them, half of them have not even met. Friendship these days has been reduced to likes, tags and comments. The more of them you have, the friendlier you are. If you want to know about what your friends are doing the whole day or what they are up to, you just don’t need to call them up for that we have snap chat, where you can see what your friends are doing.  And when we talk about real friends, we just have 2 to 3 real life friends who are busy with their social life. This chain goes on. People don’t know what’s going on in their neighbors’ life; they don’t even know who lives right next to them. We have kept ourselves so busy in our phones, even when we plan a gathering everyone is busy taking selfies, and are very much concerned about updating check-ins rather than talking to each other.  This generation is caught up in situations where all they think about is going to the parties and having beer and joints, only to forget them on Monday mornings. This party then again takes place the next weekend. This thing is so common now; those who are not involved in all these activities, people actually question them, LOL.

In other words the current Youth of our country is lost. It’s not like they don’t play games, they do but while using their phones. The recent Pokémon Go game is actually making the players to play physically but still they are glued with the gadgets. The teenagers of today will never know the real meaning of friends and games. The previous generation was far better than this one and I’m afraid to say that the future generation is going to be far worse than this one.