Telenor is shutting down service centers nationwide

Telenor has declared that it would be shutting down its service and sales centers across the country. All workers of the select franchises will have to lose their jobs, in the telecommunication giant’s latest job cut.

As per the details revealed, Telenor is shutting down 17 of the official service centers, leaving 289 franchises in total for the customers to benefit from. The limited franchises will keep on providing customers with the timely problems solution and help with the other related queries.

The company has stated that it will be training the employees of remaining franchises along with the introduction of new features to fill the void created due to the closing of service centers. Moreover, around 200 employees will lose their jobs as a part of this service layoff.

To overcome the loss fired employees will have to face, Telenor has revealed that it would be providing some sort of payout as reimbursement (gross salaries x number of years in service x 0.5). Furthermore, some other benefits including medical allowances along with annual bonus (2.25 salaries) and gratuity for eligible employees will be granted as per the company’s policy.

The company has said that it is doing everything under its radar to benefit employees as much as it can.

Telenor has also commented that the customers are now self-dependent and they are capable of solving a lot of their own problems via paid help lines and self-care apps. Thus, this meager amount of the service centers closing down won’t impact much on the credibility and the provision of services.

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