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Telenor introduces ‘4G TV Series 2016’. Let’s take a look!


Telenor has always been admired for its commercials and the colourful methods it uses for branding. The telecommunication giant, recently, unveiled its TVC series of 4G services, and they are worth watching for!

The idea presented in this new range of commercials is; “Jub internet tezi se saath nibhaye tou…” Let’s take look at what Telenor has to offer us;

Jub internet tezi se saath nibhaye, tou har soorat apno ka saath miljaye!

This the most family-oriented commercial in Telenor’s 4G TVC series. The way the direction is aptly put, makes it impossible for one to guess that instead of a live conversation, the video calling is being depicted. This is what makes this ad a mighty plus for Telenor, as it portrays the perfect usage of the company’s  4G.

Jab internet tezi se saath nibhaye, tou jhoot ka parda faash hojaye!

It seems that Telenor, this time, is focusing more on targeting the elder population. Well, this may turn out fruitful, as another part of this TVC series perfectly renders the use of technology in modernization no matter where the place, how the people or what the situation is. And yes, we have got our eyes on the bullies!

Jub internet tezi se saath nibhaye, tou bigra hua sab theek hojaye!

This is the most relevant commercial in the Telenor’s series. I know, we all can relate to our khala, phupho, tayi bragging about how we are so hooked up to their food; when in actual, we are not! What the company wanted to portrayed through the ad is immaculately put and the commercial is completely spot on when it comes to describing the video-uploading service.

Jub internet tezi se saath nibhaye, tou sari mushkil aasaan hojae!

So, finally this is an end to the 4G TVC series by Telenor for now. What makes this commercial a bit disappointing is the rugged concept. We already have a ton of commercials relating to the same idea that a 4G service could help students overcome the hassle of notes and books. While the need to depict this concept as a sub-head of the series cannot be ignored, the conceptualization and the notion that needs to be presented could have been spotless and more unmitigated.

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