Are teens around the world happy with their life?

Though this world has relatively become a very tough place to survive for the teens around the world, a new study has found that despite of all the stances of bullying and social anxiety, teenagers across the globe are “relatively happy” with their life.

According to a major OECD’s Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) survey, when asked to rate their satisfaction from 1 to 10, some 370,000 15-year-olds gave an average score of 7.3. The respondents who took part in the survey were based on 72 countries with a quantity of 540,000.

The overall result for boys indicated that 39 per cent of them were “very satisfied” with their life, while the same figure slashed to 29 per cent among girls. But, the gap is different between low and high achieving students.

As per the study, most distressing threat to the well-being of students is ‘Bullying’. In 34 countries highlighted among the study, more than 10 per cent of the students said that their classmates make fun of them. Nearly 4 per cent hinted at being pushed or hit, while 7.7 per cent reported to be the victims of physical harassment. Among those who reported frequent harassment, 42 per cent said they felt like outsiders at school.

Moreover, internet was also the major factor of likely depression with the students who reported excessive use felt like out of place among their peers in school.

The report further said that those students who were less wealthy than most of their classmates report lower satisfaction with life. But disadvantaged students with wealthier classmates who have “pro-school attitudes and high expectations for themselves…tend to develop higher ambitions for their future,” it concluded.

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